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Images Show Design For Indian Navy Indigenous Coastal Submarine

Flag A short video shared on Twitter by user Amiet R. Kashyap appears to show a new indigenous submarine design for the Indian Navy. The presentation is from Indian engineering company Larsen Toubro (L&T) who are involved in submarine and special forces diver transport projects. The submarine is generally smaller than the Type-209/1500 Sindhughosh class and Pr. 877EKM KILO (Sindhughosh class) boats. It is however larger than the X-Craft used by the Pakistan Navy, especially their newest class.
Indian Navy Indigenous Coastal Submarine
However its small size places it in the category of coastal submarines, at the large end of 'midget submarines'. This puts it in company with the North Korean Sang-O class and Iranian Fateh Class). Significantly the Indian design can carry two swimmer delivery vehicles (SDVs) for special forces. In the compromise it only has two torpedo tubes with no reloads. This arrangement is actually most similar to the Pakistan Navy's MG-110 X-Craft, although the Indian design is much larger.

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Production Potential

The Indian Navy has a residual requirement for small coastal submarines to support its special forces. It is unclear whether this design is a sanctioned project however, and even less so whether it will ever be built. India has gained significant experience of submarine building but is, overall, focused on nuclear boats. At the forefront of these is the Arihant Class and follow-on SSBN and SSN classes. It seems well within India's capacity to design and build coastal submarines.

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The concept has been displayed by L&T since at least 2018. There are actually at least two models. The larger type, as illustrated above, can be identified by the bow planes on the hull. The smaller version, seen in some of the 3d models, has its dive planes on the sail. There are numerous smaller differences.
Indian Navy Indigenous Coastal Submarine
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