ASWUUV: Large-Displacement Anti-Submarine Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

Flag The South Korean Navy (ROKN) has revealed the world's first explicitly anti-submarine LDUUV design at the MADEX 2019 maritime defense exhibition in Busan, South Korea. A model was displayed by Hanwha Systems (Website). Although the exact specifications are not available, the vehicle appears to be approximately 1.5 meters across, 1.5 meters tall and ~10 meters long, making it roughly similar to the US Navy’s LDUUV (Large Displacement UUV). Or an SDV (Swimmer Delivery Vehicle). The project is being run by South Korea’s Agency for Defense Development (ADD).
ASWUUV Covert Shores

The vehicle will have both active sonar and passive sonar, the latter configured as two flank arrays. There is no sign as to whether it will be armed. Operationally is intended to be used as part of a wider network of warships, sensors and unmanned surface vessels (USVs).

ASWUUV Covert Shores
Photo from Naval News Excellent article and photos

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Propulsion will consist of a fuel cell AIP (Air Independent Power), offering good range and endurance. Presumably the fuel cells will be powerful enough to carry the hotel load of sensors and communications.

The prototype should be ready for sea trials next year.

Additional info at Naval News.

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