SDV projects from WTD-71 Aquatechnik
Flag Two-man SDVs (Swimmer Delivery Vehicles) built and tested by Wehrtechnische Dienststelle WTD-71 (Technical Center for Ships and Naval Weapons, Marine Technology and Research) in Eckernforde.

WTD-71 developed several two-man wet subs for the Kampfschwimmers, Germany’s famous Special Forces combat swimmers. In the 1980s the built a small enclosed craft with the crew sitting in tandem. The forward hydroplanes appear to be the same design as the later craft.
German WTD-71 SDV

More recently they devised a very compact side-by-side design with the swimmers laying prone behind large watershields. Several of the craft were built but it did not enter service and two are now used to amuse and confuse visitors to their base. Very little is known about the type in the public sphere.
German WTD-71 SDV

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German WTD-71 SDV
German WTD-71 SDV

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The cut-outs in the forward fuselages is probably to allow fr the kampfschwimmers' Draeger rebreathers. The compass is mounted well in front of the hull where it is clear of the metallic fuselage and can be seen by the navigator. The DPVs (Diver Propulsion Vehicles) in the background are Bonex type, and the one on the trestle is from Multitec. The craft is propelled by a single steerable electric motor mounted centrally between two unusual 'U' shaped sealed battery pods.

The craft is now on display at Museum Fahrzeug in Bad Ischl, Austria:
German WTD-71 SDV

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