DGS-888 - Covert Shores
Brazilian DGS-888 Raptor riverine craft
Flag Brazilian defense firm DGS Defense (Strategic Defense Company) unveiled their new DGS-888 ‘Raptor’ riverine patrol craft at LAAD-2017 defence show in Riocentro, Brazil on 4th-7th April. The Brazilian armed forces have recently published images showing the new type in service with the Marines for interception, patrol and light troop transportation in the Amazon.
DGS-888 - Covert Shores

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DGS-888 - Covert Shores

The RHIB (rigid-hulled inflatable boat) features an armored cockpit which partially shields the open passenger seating in the stern, and four crewed weapons stations.
DGS-888 - Covert Shores
DGS-888 - Covert Shores

Length: 9.2 m
Beam: TBC
Draft: 0.5m
Weight (dry): 3.8 tons
Crew: 1
PAX: 14
Cargo: 2 tons
Range: greater than 270nm
Speed: 40 knots, 26 knots cruising
Propulsion: Inboard FPT N67 6.7 litre 570 HP Turbo-diesel driving a pumpjet
Armament: 1 x .50 Cal (12.7mm) heavy machine gun, 3 x 7.56mm GPMGs.
Sensors: SIMRAD surface search radar, Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR)

DGS-888 - Covert Shores
DGS-888 - Covert Shores

The Brazilian Police also use the enclosed cockpit DGS-888 Interceptor which uses three outboard diesel motors:
DGS-888 - Covert Shores
The Interceptor was introduced in 2012 and is to be augmented by the 'Patrol' variant with a redesigned cabin and inboard 440hp HJ-272 turbo-diesel.

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