Indonesia reveals new KTBA series SDV
KTBA Covert Shores

Flag Indonesia has revealed the latest in its indigenous Kendaraan Tempur Bawah Air (KTBA) series of Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (SDVs) developed for the elite naval special forces unit Kopaska.

The two-man vehicle retains the tandem ‘chariot’ layout of previous KTBA designs (see below) but is more enclosed. A single electric motor is mounted inboard with a small unguarded propeller at the stern.

KTBA Covert Shores
photo via Xavier V

The cockpit has two displays and basic seating.

Kopaska have a long tradition emphasizing of combat swimmer capabilities and operate a number od SDVs and DPDs including:

KTBA Covert Shores
photo via Xavier V

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KTBA Covert Shores
The latest KTBA chariot is a development of earlier models. The Mk.I and Mk.II are twin seat affairs with externally mounted diver propulsion devices. The larger -III and -IV versions have twin in-built propulsors on the rear hydroplane and can carry 3-4 combat divers at 3-4kts submerged. All designs are easily recognised by the distinctive bow fairing with shark-gills and upright windscreen (often without glass). Materials are predominantly fibreglass.

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