Updated with additional images: originally posted 6th Sept. 2018
MURENE SLV - Covert Shores
SLV-Murene diver propulsion device
The MURENE Subsea Light Vehicle (SLV) is the latest generation of Diver Propulsion Device (DPD). It has been designed by French SDV (Swimmer Deliver Vehicle) manufacturer Alseamar to provide optimal ergonomics, protection and performances for two combat divers. It is designed for a range of roles including:

  1. Underwater attack
  2. Infiltration or exfiltration of commandos
  3. Maritime counterterrorism
  4. Beaching recognition of amphibious operations
  5. Logistic operations
  6. Rescue operations

MURENE SLV - Covert Shores

First image via, rest from Alseamar.

The thrusters, which are used for propulsion and steering, retract into the forward hull and the water shield folds down for compact transit and can be deployed from a submarine through standard 21” (533mm) torpedo tubes, as well as from shore or small boats.
MURENE SLV - Covert Shores

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It is fitted with a cutting-edge Inertial Navigation System (INS) coupled to a Doppler Velocity Log and Global Position System (GPS). The full version (Std3) is fitted with a Forward Looking Multi-Beam Sonar which is able to conduct seabed monitoring (Hydrographic survey & GEOINT) before an amphibious operation.
MURENE SLV - Covert Shores

Alseamar will do the official presentation during the EURONAVAL 2018 naval exhibition in Paris on 23-26 October 2018..

Length: 2 meters overall (est)
Diameter (stowed): 0.533mm (est)
Width with thrusters extended: 1 meter (est)
Speed: Up to 4 Knots
Range: Up to 16 Nm at 2 Knots
Weight: less than 135 Kg
Operating Depth: 50 meters
Piloting mode: Manual or semi-automatic
Obstacle detection: Up to 100 meters
Payload: 50 liters
Crew: 1 + 1 passenger
Options: Std1 – Std2 – Std3

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MURENE SLV - Covert Shores

MURENE SLV - Covert Shores

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