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SeeKrieger High Speed Coastal Defense Craft / Submarine

Flag The SeeKrieger is an ambitious submersible boat design from Singaporean based DK Naval Technologies. If the performance matches specifications at 120 knots it will be the fastest naval vessel in the world in surface planning mode by a large margin. And submerged speed is reportedly equivalent to nuclear submarines at 30 knots, making it the fastest electric powered submarine in the world (?).
SeeKrieger - Covert Shores

The vessel was unveiled at LIMA-2019 defense show in Malaysia on 26th March 2019 and was reported in Naval News.


DK Naval Technologies estimates surface speeds of up to 80 knots in the standard monohull mode, which increases to 120 knots when two retractable outriggers are deployed to optimize dynamic stability.

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The design is intended to remain submerged at up to 100 meters depth for 7 days, and operate for 365 days a year on full electrical propulsion.

Length: 30.3 meters
Beam: 10.65 meters
Height: 5.82 meters
Draft: 0.76 meters
Speed: 120 knots surfaced (max, reported), 30 knots submerged (max, reported)
Operating depth: 100 meters
Propulsion: Gas turbine and electric (battery)
Endurance: 14 days (reported)
Crew: 3
PAX: 10
Armament: 2 x lightweight torpedo tubes with 8 reloads, 2 x Rheinmetall Sea Snake-27 27mm autocannon in retractable Remote Weapons Stations (RWS)

SeeKrieger - Covert Shores
Model at LIMA-19 defense show. Photo by Naval News

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SeeKrieger - Covert Shores

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