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British extra-large UUV: Moray
The MSubs MORAY is a multi-role XLUUV (extra-large unmanned underwater vehicle) designed for both combat and reconnaissance. The Royal Navy have just awarded MSubs a contractto build an XLUUV. While the initial vehicle is likely to be an adaption of the company's MAST or another existing hull, the Moray paints an interesting picture of future possiblities for the RN.
Royal Navy British MSubs Moray XLUUV
The Moray modular design allows for ASW, ASuW, MCM and ISR mission fits. It can also support Special Forces, act as an underwater logistics hub and support smaller AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles). It can also act as an ASW trainer and support tactics and doctrine development.

It is designed to act independently and as a fully networked sensor capable of automatically queuing manned and unmanned sensors to assist in the localisation and prosecution of Contacts of Interest (COIs). COIs include surface and subsurface vessels (including AUVs), mine like objects and specific emissions on the EM spectrum. From MSubs website

Royal Navy British MSubs Moray XLUUV

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