14th Pr.03160 "Raptor" assault boat joining Baltic Fleet
An image recently released by the Russian Ministry of Defense ( showcasing a Project 03160 "Raptor" Assault Boat reveals a subtle feature. The boat is fitted with a folding mast. Details like this are often overlooked but can play a significant part in the overall capabilities of the system. The folding mast allows it to squeeze under low bridges or, potentially, into confined spaces for protection or transport. Although unconfirmed, this may allow limited air transport via An-124 RULSAN or more likely, more discrete transport by ship.
Russian MoD photo. Note that the remote weapons mount is not fitted.

The Raptor is closely analogous to the Swedish CB90 Assault Boat and Russia also operates the closely equivalent Kalashnikov BK-16. Both Russian designs bear a strong resemblance to the Swedish design.

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