Mystery Monolith In Utah Desert Geolocated - Covert Shores

Mystery Monolith In Desert has been there 4 years

Flag This is off topic, but like many people I found reports of a mysterious monolith a welcome distraction. The story goes that a helicopter crew made the chance discovery while counting wild big horn sheep in the Utah desert. The Utah Department of Public Safety Aero Bureau helicopter touched down to investigate.

What they found was a metal monolith about 10-12 feet high. The purpose of the object is not known. We do know where it is however.

It has been geolocated (by others, this person for example (reddit), but I find it very impressive) at 38.343080°, -109.666190°. The techniques used may have included analysis of the area (from the video), and the direction of the sun. But it must have been an incredibly tedious process. So like most OSINT (Open Source intelligence), such as pinpointing radar transmitters by how they disturb satellite images. Or finding submarines at sea.

The site is miles from the nearest road.
Mystery Monolith In Utah Desert Geolocated - Covert Shores

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It is visible in the most recent Google Earth imagery which is from October 2016. It was not present in the earlier 2015 imagery however. So it has been there between 4-5 years, seemingly unreported.
Mystery Monolith In Utah Desert Geolocated - Covert Shores

The object is too small to be visible on Sentinel-2 imagery and does not reflect on Sentinel-1 SAR imagery.

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