China's New Assault Boat: Type-928D
The Type-092D assault boat has been in the news because it has been deployed by China to Pangong Lake on the China-India border. Like most modern assault boats, the type is generally modelled on the Swedish CB-90 type.

It differs from the CB-90 in three significant ways. a) It has a glass reinforced plastic hull instead of aluminum b) it is smaller and carries around half the troops and c) it has a remote weapon station.


Length: 13.00m
Beam: 3.8m
Draft 1.80m
Speed: 38.9kn
PAX: 11
Navigation area: Inland River Class A
Propulsion: 3 x 295hp
Armament: 1 x remote weapon station with 12.7mm machine gun. 2 x pedestals for crew-served machine guns. Crew weapons

The Type-928D is built by Changzhou FRP Shipyard Co Changzhou, Jiangsu, China. This boat yard specializes in GRP (glass reinforced plastic) boats although aluminum types are also offered. The yard appears to be constructing large numbers of riverine craft for the Chinese armed forces.
Type-928D Assault Boats and Type-928C Patrol Boats prior to delivery

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A patrol boat also built by Changzhou FRP Shipyard Co, the Type-928C is deployed alongside the assault boat variant. They do not use the same hull.

Length: 13.20m
Beam: 3.24m
Draft 1.30m
Speed: 33.3kn
PAX: 23
Navigation area: Inland River Class A
Propulsion: 2 x 440hp
Armament: 1 x crew-served machine gun on forward deck, crew weapons

The model is also available for export as the Type-928-YC, with six delivered to Bolivia starting in August 2019.
China-Type928 YC-Assault-Boat
Bolivian Navy type-928-YC

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