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Flag The unique Project 09852 Class submarine, Belgorod, is expected to be rolled out of the sheds at Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk in just less than two weeks time. When it is launched it will be the second largest submarine in the world after the remaining TYPHOON Class boat.
Pr.09852 Belgorod Class - Covert Shores
A new badge for the submarine hints at the stretched hull with approximately 20 meters extension behind the sail to accommodate a dropped hollow keel for the Pr. 10831 Losharik deep-diving midget submarine. The seabed warfare mission is indicated by a crab in a ray of light projecting down from the drop-keel of the submarine. The crab is the symbol of the GUGI (Main Directorate of Ocean Research) hydronauts. At the top of the badge is the coat of arms of the city of Belgorod which the submarine is named after. This is flanked by a variant of the Soviet Navy ensign of the left and modern Russian Navy ensign on the right, showing that the boat was originally laid down in the days of the Soviet Union.

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There are no hints in the emblem that the submarine will reportedly carry the Poseidon Intercontinental Nuclear-Powered Nuclear-Armed Autonomous Torpedo.

Pr.09852 Belgorod Class - Covert Shores
Previous badges and memorabilia.

Original artwork - CLICK for HIGH-RESOLUTION image:

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